what is the importance of a watershed in our lives?

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what is the relationship of watershed to drinking water? o we have the responsibility to protect our watershed and be able to drink clean water? How can I enhance awareness to the youth on the global environmental concerns and issues?


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Why should you care about your watershed?
We all live in a watershed and everything we do on our property can have a negative impact.

The land drains into tributaries and these streams or creeks flow into bigger rivers. As this water flows downhill it moves over the soil. Along the way, the water picks up many different particles of debris (leaves or soil particles), sediments that can have negative impacts on the water quality. Water can pick up as it flows: motor oil, fertilizers, pesticides and eroded soil. Driving a car that’s leaking oil or antifreeze, fertilizing your pasture or lawn, or not picking up after your pet can pollute the watershed you live in. Remember that each of you can make a positive or negative difference on your watershed.

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